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Cooked To A Turn On Weymouth Beach, Dorset.
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Cooked To A Turn On Weymouth Beach, Dorset.

25-07-2007 · Comments (30)
Categories: Fuji 160S  Hasselblad 500CM  

Whilst parts of the country have been under water and without running water and electricity for the past few days...and it would seem will remain so for a few days more we have been bathed in sunshine today and thankfully have had no such problems. The stricken area is mostly in and around Tewkesbury. They are at the junction of two rivers and have had it really bad there. I guess we aren't that used to extreme weather conditions here and certainly not used to the loss of basic amenities, the shape of things to come I guess. Thank God our house is on elevated ground so flooding rivers are unlikely to be a problem even though we do have one 50 yards from the house. Thankfully it is also 50 yards below the house......still I guess we are always vulnerable to the side of the hill sliding down.....ah Mr Happy is back!
Still the day was a beautiful one today...it almost felt like summer. It seems like an age ago that the weather was stable and sunny, I don't think it will last but it was sweet if only for one day.

Today's photo was during just such a spell. April to be exact when the whole country seemed to be bathed in summer temperatures even though it was spring. I knew it would come back and bite us in the ass...the balance always seems to be redressed at some stage in the year. Still, we had a beautiful day trip to the south coast town of Weymouth. It was a very warm day but by the look of this guy's skin he must spend the best part of his life semi naked. He really was this colour! So as is the norm here is a nice aerial shot of the area. I'm surprised that he is not visible on the aerial photo as he must have been laying there for most of his life!

OK guys the Photoblogawards have kicked in. If you have a mind to vote for people then here is a shortcut there!

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