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Boats.  Elounda (Ελούντα) towards Spinalonga (Σπιναλόγκα, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Boats. Elounda (Ελούντα) towards Spinalonga (Σπιναλόγκα, Κρήτη) Crete.

20-07-2007 · Comments (15)
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I think that it is worth mentioning that I have been to the doctor regarding my knee! It's an easy thing to do as she is so nice.....read attractive! So supportive but could find nothing. It would appear it's not swollen or abnormal in any way. It wouldn't appear to be arthritis or a cartilage problem...she has no idea. So I now have to go and have an x-ray to make sure there is nothing suspicious going on behind the scenes so to speak. So, for all of you that have shown genuine concern I thank you....for those that have kind of mocked me..I know where you live so I will be around to pull your flowers out and torment your pets and or kids! I'll let you know when I know more.
Do you get the feeling my day has been uneventful?...You would be right. I was on the verge of telling you how I saved Derek Jacobi's life but then remembered the response that James got over his father-in-law saving the whole Tour De France.....I can't put myself through it...perhaps later.

I spent rather a lot of time last night doing a few pinhole Polaroid's..It took me three attempts but we got there in the end after a 16 minute exposure and loads of flash to light the scene! Am I going to post that tonight? Hell no, you'll have to wait, I like to ponder things for a few days...perhaps for the weekend.

Today's photo is another from the most recent trip to Crete and in particular from the Elounda (Ελούντα) area, a town I have already revealed I don't like but I have to say the coast there is so beautiful. From the photo you can see the island of Spinalonga, the fortress is just out of sight. Here is what someone else has said about the islands chequered history: The tiny island lies just off the northern coast of Crete and at the mouth of Elounda's bay, which is created by the Spinalonga peninsula. Famously, the ruins of the Venetian fortress dominate any approach to the island. the Venetians acquired Crete, from the Byzantine Empire, after the successful sacking of Constantinople during the 4th Crusade in the very early 1200s. The Venetians created a commercial power-base on Crete which endured for 4 centuries, despite more than a dozen major uprisings against their rule. The threat of invasion, from an increasingly strong Ottoman Empire, prompted the Venetians to construct the defensive fortresses which can still be seen today. Spinalonga's, one of the strongest on Crete, was built to protect the entrance to the Gulf and dates from 1579. It couldn't save Crete itself, which finally fell to the invading Turkish troops of the Ottoman Empire in 1669, but the fortress of Spinalonga remained in Venetian hands, as a haven for Christians fleeing before the invading Turks until 1715 but in that year it was handed over to the Turks who remained there until 1903 when they, in their turn, were forced to leave the island.
The virtually abandoned island of Spinalonga entered upon the next phase of her sad history when it was chosen as the location for a leper colony ............ a place to which the sick and maimed were transported and left to fend for themselves with little if any hope of again leaving the island - ever. It remained, as such, for the first half of the century until the last leper left in 1957, and it was left with the dubious distinction of being the last leper colony in Europe.At the turn of the century leprosy was a dreaded disease in Crete and the government of the time decided that the tiny, deserted island, was the ideal spot for a colony .......... not too far for supplies to be ferried across but far enough to prevent the spread of the disease on Crete. Once on the island the sufferers were expected to accommodate themselves as best they could in the old buildings that had been abandoned when the Turks were ejected. The lepers were expected to make their lives as best they could, in their island isolation, with little help from anyone else. Family and visits were not allowed, for fear of contagion. As the years passed things did begin to improve, a little, as a small number of doctors, priests and nuns arrived on the island to try to alleviate the suffering of the inhabitants. The years of German occupation of Crete during the Second World War were years of deprivation, starvation and lack of medical supplies ......... the lepers of Spinalonga were largely ignored and left to barely subsist.

As always I have tried to find a decent aerial shot of the area for you so have a wander and enjoy!

OK guys some of you have been wonderful enough to nominate me over at the Photoblogawards. I would like to thank all of you that have...but if you haven't then the link will provide you with a slightly easier way of doing so. I thank you in advance.

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