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Friends And Partners. Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Κρήτης) Crete.
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Friends And Partners. Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Κρήτης) Crete.

18-07-2007 · Comments (20)
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Can I moan about the weather? I feel I have run the subject of my knee into the ground, my job is great so there is nothing to moan about there. I have all my photos back from Crete and am pretty happy with them so I can't moan about that....bugger! Anyway, it has pissed down pretty much all day...heavy, thundery showers that were a tad unpredictable. Luckily I missed most of them but got sprinkled on whilst walking to work. The weather here is so odd at present then I watched some crazy footage on the TV of a dust storm that engulfed Phoenix.....man watching that kind of put our stupid weather in perspective...hell we have precious little to complain about...as you know I do try though.
I have to stay up to about 2am tonight as I want to monitor a few ebay auctions...perhaps put in a few bids who knows....all will be reported on depending on the outcome.

Today's photo is from my most recent trip to Crete and an early morning excursion up to the Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι Κρήτης). It was I must say a welcome escape from the 44 degree heat that was plaguing us at the time. Whilst out photographing some inanimate object or another I was approached by this shepherd. We had a rather disjointed conversation which as normal centred around whether you are married, how many kids you have and if your parents are alive how old they are. He did ask me to follow him......and this is the resulting photo. The donkey was in beautiful condition and parked somewhere shady.....I love these chance encounters even if I am not able to take full advantage of them due to my lack of Greek. My only regret is that I am unable to tell you his or his friends name...I will track him down with a print though!

One writer said of Katharo: Located at a height of 1150m, is the unique plateau of "Katharo" extending to 60,000 stremma, where the fossilized remains of hippopotamus have been found, a place to where half of the soul of Kritsans belongs. On the well-worn red and yellow "square" of Katharo, the footsteps of hundreds of humans intermingle with the tracks of flocks of animals in summertime, whilst during the inhospitable winters on the lower slopes, the struggle for water has been won. In this place, the spirits of the partisans and the heinous Turks of the Occupation still roam around under the shadows of the peak of Lazarus (2085m) and "Spathiou" (the Sword) (2148m). Here, the sky, ravines and bushes are still adorned with vultures, harrier eagles, cuckoos, ferrets, and unique yellow roses, while the scent of dictamus and other herbs like "thriba" fills the air. In the serenity of the holm oaks, and other tree species such as Asfentamus, Ambelitsas, Antrikukias, Aloutsouna, Stamnagathi, and among the mountain and rock thyme, part of the essence of the people from Kritsa belongs.

OK guys some of you have been wonderful enough to nominate me over at the Photoblogawards. I would like to thank all of you that have...but if you haven't then the link will provide you with a slightly easier way of doing so. I thank you in advance.

Listening to: "Boogie Nights" (Too Hot to Handle) - Heatwave

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