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With The Weekend Comes A Martini.  A match Made In Heaven. Bath, Somerset.
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With The Weekend Comes A Martini. A match Made In Heaven. Bath, Somerset.

14-07-2007 · Comments (31)
Categories: Pinhole Polaroid  Type 89  

Ah! The weekend is with us, I speak as one of the newly employed. It's been a busy and interesting week. I'm sure other weeks may not be quite as interesting but hey it's been fun. Back to admin next week. Did I mention that I had a bad knee?
I have spent the evening trying to get around all the blogs that have slipped under the radar since I have been back. I hate not being able to visit the blogs I love so today I got down to it...if I didn't visit you then please let me know.

I have a mountain of film to process and I haven't even had the black and white back. I must say I am quite excited as I shot transparency this time even in the Holga and the colours just kick ass. The saturation is just wonderful...such a happy bunny! I have been suggesting over the past few days that I may post a self portrait...so I will. You won't recognise me which is wonderful in my books, but post it I will. It was taken on a pinhole Polaroid. I would love to be able to say it was made by me but alas no. It was a gift from Cameron over at The Plastic Lens. A wonderful gift and it works perfectly. If you fancy making one yourself take a look at Cameron's tutorial Making A Polaroid Pinhole Camera. Today's image is one of the first that I took. Taken on type 89 film...the length of the exposure gave it a green feel so I have changed to black and white which I think works pretty good. No doubt you will tell me if you don't think so.
I guess you still want a map, so here is an aerial shot of where I live.

OK guys some of you have been wonderful enough to nominate me over at the Photoblogawards. I would like to thank all of you that have...but if you haven't then the link will provide you with a slightly easier way of doing so. I thank you in advance.

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