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The Onlooker - The Battle Of The Morris Dancers.  Bath Abbey.
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The Onlooker - The Battle Of The Morris Dancers. Bath Abbey.

11-07-2007 · Comments (19)
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Hi guys and thank you for all your new job wishes. I have to say it is rather odd to be back in the harness after 6 months, I have blisters from the walking to and from work but I'm sure that they will soon be gone as well as the aching knee joints but I guess that may be the on set of old age! One thing that I am rather enjoying even though it is only 2 days is the 4 hour regime, God, I am no sooner there than I seem to be leaving....long may that continue. Everyone is so nice......I hate to be in this positive up beat mood...you may start thinking I am ill or something.
I hope also you will forgive my tardiness in getting around to you all since I have been back, I have had a little trouble getting back in the groove...I'll get there but it is a little more difficult not being able to do some of it at work....I think I was spoiled being home. The plus side is that at least you won't have to stomach the image of me browsing your sites in my pants...I have to get dressed these days!

Today's image....taken just before we went to Crete in the church yard of Bath Abbey. I think it was some kind of Morris dancing festival...kind of a like a battle of the bands but with people in clogs. Very exciting as you can imagine. The abbey is a wonderful place for peace and contemplation even if you have no faith...I love the place. Here is an aerial view, the area where this photo was taken is just below the Abbey building. It should be clearly visible in the photograph.

Listening to: "Dangling On A String" (Chairmen of the Board) - Chairmen of the Board

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