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Two Crosses, Double The Protection. Gournia (Γουρνιά, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Two Crosses, Double The Protection. Gournia (Γουρνιά, Κρήτη) Crete.

10-07-2007 · Comments (21)
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So I started work today...one small step! Part time from 9-1 which I guess officially makes me a lazy ass. I never know quite what to expect in these situations but everyone was so nice. The office was relaxed it just kind of ticked all of my boxes....Now this may seem a small point to all of you but a major one for me but I can wear shorts! God I was so happy...silly eh? Nice people, shorts, good cause...it is a housing association that provides a night shelter for the homeless in Bath as well as supplying accommodation and support for people being released from prison as well as people with drug and alcohol dependency. Also helping women who have been victims of marital violence. It's got to be better than selling car exhausts right? If you are interested in more about the organisation then here is a link to Julian House.

As for today's shot, this is one from my trip to Crete in February, just one of the many churches that litter the landscape. They really are everywhere, this one is close to the archaeological site at Gournia.
Gournia - the ancient name of which is not known - is the most characteristic of the excavated medium-size settlements, dated to the period of the peak of the Minoan culture (Late Minoan I period: 1550-1450 B.C.). It is called "Pompeii of Minoan Crete" because of the good state of preservation. It occupies a low hill, close to the sea, at the Isthmus of Ierapetra. The first inhabitants settled here in the Early Minoan III period (2300 B.C.). Remains of the Middle Minoan period (2000-1600 B.C.) are also preserved; in c. 1600 B.C., the palace was erected but was destroyed along with the surrounding town in 1450 B.C., at the same time with all the other palatial centres of Crete. Fifty years later the site was partly reoccupied and was finally abandoned in around 1200 B.C.
I did venture into the site on this last visit and take some photos...odd I have driven by the site a hundred times and never gone in...still photos taken this time and so you may see a few as and when. If yu are interested in how the area looks then here is an aerial view.

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