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Past Times. The  Pier Bandstand, Weymouth, Dorset.
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Past Times. The Pier Bandstand, Weymouth, Dorset.

08-07-2007 · Comments (18)
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OK I'm back. Sorry for the blog hiccup whilst I was gone! The server was being relocated it would seem and well a stack of stuff happened most of which is fixed now and some still a little broken. I will upgrade Pixelpost over the next few days so hopefully all will return to normal. It was a nightmare trying to sort it out whilst away and being that I have a leaning towards OCD I found it very difficult to concentrate on anything else.
So, a wonderful time was had although we were laid flat for about 5 days when the temperatures rose to 44 degrees C which I believe is about 112 in old money. 38 or 39 at night....power cuts to try and assist the ailing Cretan power station! There is air conditioning around but it's not everywhere so you have to deal with it. My little hire car had it but seeing that it was powered by a hair-dryer engine it didn't cool much! Still I'm not complaining as it is better than the 2 weeks of rain they had in the UK whilst we were gone...how sweet was that.

I thought I would throw an image up on a Saturday for a change to break myself back in easy like. One taken back in the spring...when it was warm at the south coast seaside resort of Weymouth as seen here from the air. If you like your maps more conventional then here is a map.

Listening to: "I Want You" (Something to Remember) - Madonna

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