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Always Total Absorbtion - West Sedge Moor, Somerset.
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Always Total Absorbtion - West Sedge Moor, Somerset.

01-07-2007 · Comments (4)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400  

OK guys I'm out of here for two weeks, yes I know another two weeks. If I have no work I might as well enjoy myself somehow! I do have a job to return to now so that is something, however if it stops me from going to Crete I'll be out of there and stacking shelves at the local shop to earn a crust. So back to the beautiful Island of Crete. I will be staying as always in the beautiful mountain village of Kritsa (Κριτσά). I have tried to attach a map of where I am located which is tricky as the satellite maps available aren't very good, still this one sort of shows you with a little imagination. If you look at the cross shaped building that is a large church. If you come to 7 o'clock for about an inch you will see a small grey rectangular building, that is an even smaller church and the house is overlooking that. I know that I posted this last time I was away......sorry to be so predictable!
Auto posts have been set up so hopefully all will go smoothly, I have tried a post a day this time. If it all goes tits up then I will try and sort it from there. I will check in when I am able and if I have anything to say I will add a line or two.

I hope you will still drop by and say hi even though I'm away....I will be here in spirit and if any of you ignor me I will hunt you down like dogs when I get back. I guess I'm saying please still drop by, I appreciate and read every comment.

Listening to: "Greek Radio......Choose A Station And Enjoy!

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