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Uniformity And Georgian Design. Cavendish Crescent, Bath. (1817-1830)
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Uniformity And Georgian Design. Cavendish Crescent, Bath. (1817-1830)

16-06-2007 · Comments (20)
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The Polaroid 600SE arrived today....I love to receive things in the post but when it is cameras it is so much sweeter. I have no idea if this package went to France and back and to be honest I don't care much. It is here and looks very pretty but I think that I need to join a gym quite soon and this weighs so damn much...oddly it has a grip which is left handed! So the whole operation feels very odd to say the least. Can't wait to use it even though my Polaroid work leaves a lot to be desired...a little practice and a decent scanner should sort things out.
Crete is approaching fast and I suddenly realised that I haven't prepared all my advance posts. I was in two minds whether to bother or not...people know you are away so the motivation isn't there...you know what I'm saying! I will have to post though even if it is only every other day. I guess I love to post more than anything so I hope you will drop by even though you know I'm not here....I do log in whilst away you know.

The weekend is upon us which is always a wonderful feeling. I have had the offer of two more interviews today which is a pain in the ass as I have already foiund a job...they sound like cool jobs so I think I will go for the interviews anyway. Had a run in with my mobile phone provider today regarding an upgrade that has me so mad...I am calm and may or may not tell you.....depending on the outcome of my phone calls over the next few days!

Today's photo is another of Cavendish Crescent. I know that I posted one a few days ago but it didn't show the beauty of the crescent. So here is a photo that really shows the sweeping beauty of the crescent. Cavendish Crescent, built between 1817 and 1830 by John Pinch the Elder (1770-1827) who along with his son John Pinch the Younger (1796-1849) were architects working mainly in the city of Bath. A small yet perfectly formed Crescent, this is one of the end houses. For a better impression of how it looks here is an aerial shot with Lansdown Crescent visible in the background.

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