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Bulk Storage On A Grand Scale. Cannington Grain Store, Somerset.
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Bulk Storage On A Grand Scale. Cannington Grain Store, Somerset.

15-06-2007 · Comments (14)
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You may have noticed that not being at work my anger levels are slightly lower...not much but slightly. I'm a calm person but I'm still waiting for my bloody Polaroid 600SE. I had high hopes for today, I received an email enabling me to track it with DHL, so I checked and it was on the van for today...lets just say I was mildly moist with excitement! I was due for the holiday hair cut today so I needed to know when it would arrive...I phoned DHL, handed over the booking reference and she said...bless her heart! Yes sir it is due for delivery today...IN FRANCE! Bloody France! I phoned the people who sold me the bloody thing, they made their own enquiries and they say it is in Leeds. For those not living in the UK that is in the North...I am in the south and to be honest it might as well be France for how close it is to here...in fact I think France might be closer and their wine and cheese is nicer. So to summarise, my camera is in either Leeds or France depending who you speak to but it isn't with me! I'm sure you can feel the love and calmness that is oozing from my body...I'm off for another glass of wine!

I am calm....I have another glass and the world is a better place. So I got me a hair cut today all primed for Crete.....so hot there right now I need my head as free of hair as is possible. Greek lesson this evening, left over food re-heated yummy! Bad TV that I'm not prepared to talk about as my reputation is bad enough already. Did I mention about my Polaroid? I think that I did right?

Today's photo is one from back in February down in deepest Somerset and in particular the Cannington Grain Store. I guess what they do is all in the title, they store grain. Anyway I have little to say about the place other than it was a great place to wander around and that I must return at some stage. Here is a map of the place. But in order to get more perspective on the area here is an aerial photo of the grain store and the surrounding countryside. Why not explore the wonders that are Somerset.

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12th March 2007. Video was released recently of him by his captors but still more pressure is needed on the various governments to act. Why not sign the Petition in the hope that it will assist with his early release.

I need some love like I never needed love before
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love, now I'm back for more
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
Set your spirit free, it's the only way to be

Rumour has it that the Spice Girls are going to reform God help us! Having said that I love this song and video so damn much! Watch and enjoy and don't shout at me.

Listening to: "2 Become 1" (Spice) - Spice Girls

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