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Bovine Encounter With Holga. Kennet And Avon Canal, Bathampton, Bath.
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Bovine Encounter With Holga. Kennet And Avon Canal, Bathampton, Bath.

13-06-2007 · Comments (26)
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I hate waiting for stuff that I have ordered on-line. As soon as you have placed the order you want the bloody thing so anything outside of their promised delivery times can be very distressing for me! So I ordered this Polaroid 600SE last Tuesday with a promise on their site of next day despatch and a 2-4 day delivery so as you can imagine I have been waiting in as it was coming DHL. Imagine my dismay this morning when I get a bloody email saying it has been sent today! I send some shitty email and get a response that it has been a holiday so basically tough shit the camera is in the post....ah well! I have high hopes that it may be here by the end of the week. I just hate promises that aren't kept, if they had said 2 weeks I would have been cool with it. So that is enough of that.
Another day in the house, hell I'm becoming something of a hermit! I am definitely doing something tomorrow for sure all this time shut in is driving me mad, anyone looking up at the house at regular intervals would see this sad SOB gazing wistfully out and think I am house bound by some terrible illness...I guess they are right bone idleness! I did take a couple of Polaroids today with the back for the Hasselblad, such sweet results with 664 film. My choice of subject was limited as Timmy wouldn't sit still after his public humiliation the other day so I had to be content to take shots of the Hostas and ferns in the garden. The late afternoon light was rather lovely.

Today's photo is a little bovine encounter that took place the other weekend. Just across the fields from home. This particular heard of cows seemed quite keen to get as close as possible. Given my fear of any large animal I'm surprised I let this one almost eat the Holga, I guess the gate gave me a little Dutch courage. I thought I'd give one of the frames a double click. Anyway here is a map of the area and of course an aerial shot of the area. I'm sure the slime from this guy will only add to the performance of the Holga!

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