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Standing The Test Of Time. Derelict Windmill, Limnes (Λίμνες, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Standing The Test Of Time. Derelict Windmill, Limnes (Λίμνες, Κρήτη) Crete.

12-06-2007 · Comments (11)
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I seem to have done even less today than I did yesterday. I have been a little slack of later visiting blogs that I love so I caught up with most of that today along with a huge backlog of emails I hadn't answered, then there were the promises of this disc and that disc I have been meaning to send off and haven't got around to. I was kind of hoping my Polaroid 600 SE would arrive today but it didn't but I was afraid to go out as I knew the couriers that are delivering it would end up carting it off to the other end of the country if I wasn't here. Are you sensing a recurring theme here....that I will find any excuse to stay in and say I'm busy. I did do the chores, well the ones I don't mind doing like anything that involves a hose pipe or the pond. It's surprising what you can fit into the last 15 minutes of the day when you have had all day to do it and the threat of your other half arriving home is looming! Ah! Who am I trying to kid she knows what I'm like she's a woman with the guile and senses of a cat and I'm a man...we like to think we have it sussed but deep down we were rumbled a long time ago. Now if you are a guy who didn't know that I'm so sorry but the rumours about Santa are true also. I hate to break it this way.

Today's image is from my trip to Crete at Easter and I'm sorry another derelict windmill. Hell, I didn't ought to be apologising yet I have a stack more of these to work into you as and when. The Cretan landscape is littered with these and I really can't help myself when it comes to photographing them. It usually involves the loss of skin getting to them but always worth it. I guess it is testament to how the wind blows on Crete the fact that there were so many of them. These days the modern wind farm is cropping up here there and everywhere....no match for these in the attractiveness stakes in my opinion. This one is part of a little group of six that are perched on the hillside above the village of Limnes (Λίμνες) and if you have an interest here is an aerial shot of the area. Limnes is off to the left a way.

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