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Terrorkitten At Home - London Road East, Batheaston, Bath.
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Terrorkitten At Home - London Road East, Batheaston, Bath.

09-06-2007 · Comments (38)
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Well, what an odd day. I have spent the last two days moaning about the lack of contact following an interview and today I had another. So I am getting ready for today's interview...you know shirt and tie scenario! Phone rings with offer of first job....interview went very well today and the job sounded very worthwhile...albeit part time. Got the call and have been offered that as well! So talk about feast or famine. I have accepted today's job...less hours, less money but a much nicer job and a lot more job satisfaction. The people there seemed very nice and I start after my holidays. Hey I get afternoons to take photos, how sweet is that! A positive end to the week which you have to admit is something of a rarity for me.

Today's photo....well it is the weekend and I did some Polaroid shots yesterday just for fun. I have been taking them for a while with the 103 and the SX-70 but have never posted one due to the lack of scanner! Now I have a crappy scanner...not really good enough for photos but thought I would try it on the Polaroids. They seem to be OK. Yesterday I thought I would use the cat as my subject....I was focussing when suddenly he went into this yawn so I snapped him. I thought he looked like the original Terrorkitten! His name is Timmy B he is my baby really and his name comes from his desire to be a DJ. The trouble is on vinyl his nails cause a problem...they constantly kept playing the track as well as the stylus...so he retired without ever playing a gig. He has kept the name in an attempt to stay in touch with the kids! So my friends Timmy B is in the house.

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“I want to finish off with a good song. Erm I, I won't tell you what the song is about.
I'm singing it in French and then I shall go home; you'll have to guess.”
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