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The Royal Crescent, Bath, Somerset. Built Between 1767 and 1774.
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The Royal Crescent, Bath, Somerset. Built Between 1767 and 1774.

01-06-2007 · Comments (19)
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Thank you all for your kind remarks about Mandy yesterday, I value all of your visits and comments more than I am prepared to say sober! I had been in two minds to mention her but it seemed the right thing to do and that was evidenced by your lovely words. Today has been a quiet day....kind of reflective which is as it should be after yesterday. These type of events always cause me to evaluate my faith...or lack of it I hasten to add. I won't bore you with my thoughts and conclusions.
So I got to thinking about other stuff.....like what is happening to my body? I'm 49 and disturbed what is happening to it! Other than the booze I kind of treat it the way I always have, with kindness and respect...feeding it good things, never in excess and only twice a day and yet it continues to spread at an alarming rate. I don't take an enormous amount of exercise but I walk a lot...I don't eat ANY sweets, chocolate, cakes and stuff. Granted my 4000 calorie a day drink habit isn't helping but even so! I'm assuming there is a slowing down of the metabolism.....I wish now that as a child my mother had said I had big bones....that would have been so useful. I can't use it now I needed to be convinced 40 years ago. Are there any body gurus or calorie consumption experts out there?...you can see I have all the right terminology. I do try and stay away from mirrors other than when pissed....I look gorgeous when I'm pissed...not that I ever get pissed I seem to have quite a high resistance...years of practice you know. Mike, help me out on this one mate!

Funny day weather wise...heavy, intermittent showers which caused havoc on a short walk so we stopped for coffee. A few Holga shots with billowy clouds that made me smile, Greek this evening which was nice but drove home the fact I'm not doing enough bloody revision...new regime tomorrow. I've kinda left it to last so that it might slip under the radar but...yesterday was the launch of "Big Brother 2007. I would hate for you to think that I like it but....it's a house full of women! So funny as they are all wondering where the guys are. Posturing and preening...great stuff!

For today's image I have returned to a ramble around Bath with the Holga. I would hate to bore you with photos of Crete every day so here is another of The Royal Crescent. Or perhaps a little movie would do the trick for you. For some history - The Royal Crescent is a notable residential road of 30 houses, laid out in a crescent, in the city of Bath, England. It was designed by the architect John Wood the Younger and built between 1767 and 1774. It is amongst the greatest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in the United Kingdom and is a grade I listed building.
Together with his father John Wood, the Elder, John Wood the Younger was interested in occult and masonic symbolism; perhaps their creation of largest scale was their joint design of the Royal Crescent and the nearby Circus (originally called "the King's Circus"), which from the air can be observed to be a giant circle and crescent, symbolising the soleil-lune, the sun and moon.
Number 1 Royal Crescent is a museum, maintained by the Bath Preservation Trust, which illustrates how wealthy owners of the period might have furnished such a house.

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12th March 2007. There has been news today that he is alive and that he may be released soon. Why not sign the Petition in the hope that it will assist with his early release.

The skyline was beautiful on fire
All twisted metal stretching upwards
Everything washed in a thin orange haze

I said, "Kiss me, you're beautiful..
These are truly the last days"

You grabbed my hand and we fell into it
Like a daydream or a fever

Listening to: "The Dead Flag Blues" (F#A#∞) - Godspeed You Black Emperor!

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