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Assimilated Into The collective At Bath Bowling Club, Pulteney Road, Bath.
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Assimilated Into The collective At Bath Bowling Club, Pulteney Road, Bath.

29-05-2007 · Comments (39)
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I'm not sure what my intentions were for today but I know at some stage I had some. Perhaps they were formed last night...or in the early hours 2am'ish when my reasoning would have been impaired by booze and sad songs. Anyway I woke this morning to the sound of more rain...perhaps the same rain and exhausted from the late to bed and the early up...I guess I ought to learn. Jan in bed again for the morning so lots of creeping about to stop waking her and more gazing at the rain. Yesterday we had the effect of Sunday and rain today Bank Holiday and rain, they are pretty much the same.
Decided to go and get a printer this afternoon...nothing fancy just something for printing documents, we don't seem to have had one for years. I generally object to doing any kind of shopping on a holiday, only because the rest of the population does it...but I did. We ended up buying something a little more expensive than we had thought. So it scans and does fax and shit...nothing good enough for serious scanning of negs or serious printing but something to play with. So play I did. I have had a bunch of negatives of my parents from the late 50's and early 60's for years...you know what it's like looking at negs, you never really know what you have until you see them in positive form....so I did some quick scans and well......I thought I would crumble...to see myself as a small child of perhaps 5 and my parents young really did something to me. I won't bore you with my family shit but the photographs made me realise what I haven't got and perhaps never did...still I have the negatives and some some distorted, fanciful memories.

Today's photo was from a few weeks ago...it was a rainy horrible day, not unlike the last few. We were in town and saw that the members of Bath Bowling Club were out enjoying a game or two despite the steady rain. I was just drawn to the fact that they all were wearing the same waterproof clothes...how very organised of them, I assume some club rule. So here is a nice aerial shot to give you a sense of place and whilst you are there have a little poke around Bath. So much cheaper than a first class ticket!

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You, I thought I knew you
You, I cannot judge
You, I thought you knew me

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