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The End Of The Road. Unknown Church, Christos (Χριστός, Κρήτη) Crete.
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The End Of The Road. Unknown Church, Christos (Χριστός, Κρήτη) Crete.

26-05-2007 · Comments (13)
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This may surprise some but I have nothing to tell you. Today has been a day of underachievement. Sure I did the hoovering, prepared supper...which was a rather nice minced beef and tomato sauce. Free range organic beef of course. I like to think that they were a little happy before they were killed and eaten! And generally made sure all was kinda OK in the house, but still I managed to underachieve. I need to pay more attention to detail. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.
It's a holiday weekend here as I think it is in the states...not sure about elsewhere in the world. So if you have a long weekend or a normal weekend here's hoping it's a happy one for all of you. Perhaps take some pretty pictures or have a drink or two, those are my suggestions.

Today's photo is from the trip to Crete in March. Jan and I had been trying to get to this hillside church for a few years after a long drive there is the mountain village of Χριστός (Christos). After a long drive Christos is the last village on the road...you then need to turn back. As you approach the village across the valley you can see a church just nestling into the hillside but on each occasion we were unable to get to it as it involved climbing and we always seemed to be in sandals! It was almost as if the church had slipped down the hillside and was now surrounded by undergrowth. So on this occasion I went armed with shoes and socks and picked some crazy route to it which at the time seemed the most direct route. When I got there it was fully functional, candles burning and other signs of recent visits. The climb I had made entailed 20 minutes on a loose scree slope....with camera bag. Having taken my photos I discovered a small track that had me back to the bloody car in 5 minutes and I could have done it in sandals! It was a good job I was alone as I did have a little grumble to myself! Anyway, a long story to introduce the shot....here is an aerial shot with the church at Christos in the centre of the photo...pretty much dead centre between the two zizzy zaggy bits of road. You can see the village off to the left if you pan out.

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