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Victoria Bridge, Bath, Somerset. Designed By James Dredge (1840-1906)
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Victoria Bridge, Bath, Somerset. Designed By James Dredge (1840-1906)

25-05-2007 · Comments (21)
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I almost feel guilty telling you I had quite a nice day...but I did. It has been a very sultry day....so damn sticky! I had a coffee date with a friend in town so did the walk in......4 miles was a bit too much, I was in a real lather when I got there. I phoned her half way to check the time as I don't wear a watch, my glasses were in my bag and it was easier to call Laura and ask rather than get glasses out etc! Lazy bastard eh? Too much time on my hands? Still, she gave me the time which translated into ages so I slowed down then after a while discovered I was late to had to rush hence the lather....I hate to sweat unless it is as a result of serious exercise.
I was all prepared for coffee Laura went for an Elderflower Presse......I was hot so I went for one as well. It was very nice, as was the conversation, she is a sweetie and so easy to talk to so the time flies by. She had to return to work......me, I wandered aimlessly around the town hoping to take photos but got increasingly hot so I buggered off home. So four miles the other way. I was that hot when I got home I needed a cool bath to sort me out. God I seem to have spent the whole day doing nothing!

Today's photo was taken earlier in the year on the Victoria Bridge in Bath. It is a small suspension bridge that was designed by James Dredge (1840-1906). The bridge earned the nick name the 'Dredge' bridge. Not many people have heard of James Dredge but I guess his lasting claim to fame was that he was pipped to the post in the competition to design the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol by none other than the great Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859).
These guys were putting together an advertisement for a skateboard magazine which as you can see entailed the skateboarders sliding up the supports for the bridge and from what I witnessed it seemed to involve a lot of pain. The photographer's Hasselblad was also in constant danger. I threw caution to the wind and used the Holga! For a better sense of perspective here is an aerial photo of the Victoria Bridge.

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sometimes this sweet life feels like
it's never been as bad as it is tomorrow.
all right, you can cry,
living with the price of a world of sorrow.

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