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Receeding Waters, Bathampton Water Meadow, Somerset.
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Receeding Waters, Bathampton Water Meadow, Somerset.

24-05-2007 · Comments (6)
Categories: Fuji 160S  Hasselblad SWC/M  

I guess I ought to start by thanking you all for the positive response to my first horse shot yesterday. Not sure if you liked the shot or were slightly concerned about the fate of my Diana camera which it has to be said has been under performing for some time. I think you might have saved her...for the time being anyway! It was one of those occasions when I had done saying hello to the horses and had wandered off and thought...ah I'll go back and take a couple of shots they were kind of cute...so glad I did.
My fortnightly Social Security run was quite painless today...no stupid questions or suggestions. At present my appointment is after 4pm which initially pissed me off as it kinda cocked up my day but I am beginning to think now it is a good time. Most of the low life have left so the place is quiet and it's is close to knocking off time for the employees so they seem to keep it short and sweet. Then spent an hour in the library doing the Greek homework I hadn't done.....followed by a rather nice lesson. I made the mistake of rushing home for the Champions League cup final. AC Milan played very ordinary football to beat Liverpool. The only plus to it was we had a Chinese meal delivered....something we do very rarely. As normal we over ordered so I will be eating it for breakfast by the look of it.

Today's photo as the crow flies is about 200 yards from the house. The land there is a water meadow so as soon as we get any moderate amounts of rain it floods. As you can imagine at the moment the levels are very low but this was taken back in March after I returned from Crete and there had been quite a lot of rain. It was very beautiful in all of it's flooded beauty. Here is a map of the area and here is an aerial view so you can get a feel for the lay of the land.

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12th March 2007. Why not sign the Petition in the hope that it will assist with his early release.

every creature casts a shadow under the sun's golden finger
but when the sun sinks past the waving grass
some shadows are dragged along

Listening to: "My Sister's Tiny Hands" (Through the Trees) - The Handsome Family

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