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Inquisitive Friends In Search Of Treats. Shockerwick, Bath, Somerset.
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Inquisitive Friends In Search Of Treats. Shockerwick, Bath, Somerset.

23-05-2007 · Comments (49)
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You'll be pleased to know that I have stayed well clear of chilli today, I kept my fingers well clear of my nether regions until the need to pee became unbearable and even then I considered tweezers to handle it...having said that tweezers seems to be implying something that I am not happy to admit here. I know you have promised to keep it to yourselves but still! Odd that I knew where to find them....but that's another story. Other than the lack of discomfort my day has been quiet. I had film to pick up so a seven mile round trip walk was done, the sun was shining....it was pretty good. I got a film back from my Diana camera which it has to be said has been underachieving for a while. I have been viewing the results from this film as the last chance saloon....and she pulled through. I am relieved I have to say as the thought of putting her in the cupboard was a source of concern. But the negatives were quite nicely exposed and so I have to deduct that it must be my technique! It's hard to admit but there you are.

In celebration of my Diana triumph I am posting one of the images tonight. Taken quite close to my home whilst on a recent walk, these two horses seemed very friendly even though they scare me shitless, on account of their size! So for what it's worth here is the map of the area and for those that like it in photographic format here is an aerial shot of the area.

Tomorrow is social security day and I am calm. So as long as they don't say silly things then I will be fine. I will say no more until after the event. I have Greek tomorrow night which I am looking forward too and as long as I rush home we have the Champions League cup final. It is in the wonderful city of Athens. It is between AC Milan and Liverpool. May the best team win just so long as it is Liverpool.

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12th March 2007. Why not sign the Petition in the hope that it will assist with his early release.

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