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Switch Off, Get Out And View The Freak Show.  Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete
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Switch Off, Get Out And View The Freak Show. Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete

22-05-2007 · Comments (20)
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Chilli, it's hot we know that. We have all been warned about what to touch and what not to touch if we have been handling it right? I have listened to the warnings I know the perils and yet I was still stung by it. Jan was in charge of food...I interfered in a way that only a guy can so she said I could chop the shallots, garlic and chillies. Bless her heart. I was aware that I needed to be careful and was, I washed my hands very carefully! But I needed to pee.....now you girls must realise and you boys know that taking a pee for a guy requires SOME contact with the genitals....and I was careful, but nothing prepared me for the afterglow that was to follow. It kinda starts slow and then gradually intensifies until you feel the need to drape your tackle in a sink of cold water. I have dreamt about the possibilities of draping my tackle and tonight I tried.....it's official, draping I cannot do. I have discovered through scientific means that the only way I can drape my tackle is if the sink is so full that I run the risk of flooding. Can you sense the disappointment in my voice? Still the pain did eventually disappear and to be honest I forgot about it. The early evening TV schedule washed over me like a dream...like I had been taken hold of by a mink glove....OK Phil ease off! I guess I assumed that 5 hours was long enough, that was until I rubbed my eye about 10 minutes prior to typing this this...holy shit that stuff lingers and stings. I am now contemplating the possibility of a hands free pee prior to bed, not something I have done since I was a teenager and I have to be honest it wasn't very successful then....in the directional stakes. Do I risk some kind of dirty protest and the wrath of Jan in the morning or the pain of chilli fingers? I guess you won't know until tomorrow.

Some of you might be relieved to know that I have been fine tuning my keyboard skills today in readiness for my interview. I am now fully conversant with the operation of the left and right mouse buttons, my use of the tab key is almost perfect, I have practised the use of the num lock key endlessly and seem to have it sorted. The double click on the mouse did pose a few coordination problems but I found that after a few cups of coffee it became a lot easier, copy and paste I still have no idea what that is, I figure that they may not ask that one. I did identify the different parts of the desktop and particularly liked the place where my glass of wine sat. Maximise, minimise, close and restore had me in a spin but I figured that was probably a positive thing.

Today's image was taken on my trip to Crete in March in the small town of Neapoli (Νεάπολη). Once the regional capital it has now been relegated to second place by the coastal town of Aghios Nikolaos (Άγιος Νικόλαος) which is a few miles down the road. The locals may not feel it but I think that they did Neapoli a favour in doing it as it remains a lovely quiet town with none of the tourist tat of the coast....perfect for wanders with a camera. This was taken at a tiny circus that had turned up in town and had taken up residence in a small car park. For those with an interest here is a map to help you find your way around.

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12th March 2007. Why not sign the Petition in the hope that it will assist with his early release.

she tricks me into thinking
that i cant believe my eyes
that i wait for her forever
but she never does arrive

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