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Uninterupted Supply Over Bathampton Water Meadows, Somerset.
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Uninterupted Supply Over Bathampton Water Meadows, Somerset.

16-05-2007 · Comments (22)
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Oooo I paid the price for that extra drink or two! I had a little bit of a thick head....it passes! My coffee date was great, I met Laura, she'll be reading this this so what to say? I guess the truth, she seems to see through the shit that I feel my life is right now...easy to talk to, slim as a lathe, shocking red hair...move away Laura if this is embarrassing you! and stunningly attractive. To top it all she paid! We had lunch together on Valentine's day...that's got to be good for my street cred right? To top it all she has very attractive children and a man who isn't to be sniffed at! Thank you for sharing Ken! Did I claw that back???? I didn't did I?
After I left Laura...warm in the afterglow of her loveliness...I went to the social security to see what jobs they had on offer. The less said about that the better. Then I had a very odd experience, my intention was to walk home which takes me along Grand Parade. If you look at the aerial photo you can see an elevated pavement that looks down on the weir, perhaps about a 30 foot drop. I was walking along here and decided to stop and look over.....I was attracted to a young lady who seemed to be staring over in a very odd way. She seemed detached slightly and seemed removed from all that was going on...just staring down into the water. She was clutching in her hands a journal of some kind...it was about 8 inches in size and seemed to have a suede cover....looked pretty. I guess I was looking over the wall at the raging weir below for about 5 minutes when she suddenly threw the book into the water...rubbed her eyes, turned and walked off. I wanted to ask her why....what? My immediate reaction was fear for her.....she seemed emotional...was she going to follow after it? If she did was I going to follow her?
I decided not to follow her but to follow the book...you can see from the aerial photo where I would have to go to follow it...it wasn't easy...I was driven to retrieve it from the water. I lost track of it whilst I got down to the rivers edge but located it again as it floated down stream...in two minds whether it was any business of mine and anyway should I manage to retrieve it would I discover things that I was best not knowing? I tracked it to a bridge......it went in one end but never came out the other. I waited but decided it was for the best.
I then witnessed a swan trying to drown a goose....it spent about 15 minutes pecking it and sat on it....I felt sure the goose would loose the fight and drown...you could see it was gasping for air and fighting for it's life, but some how it made it to the bank where the swan continued the onslaught for another 10 minutes...then it lost interest. I continued my walk home....wondering about the book...relieved about the Goose. I hope the girl was OK.

Today's photo as the crow flies is about 200 yards from the house. The land there is a water meadow so as soon as we get any moderate amounts of rain it floods. As you can imagine at the moment the levels are very low but this was taken back in March after I returned from Crete and there had been quite a lot of rain. It was very beautiful in all of it's flooded beauty. Here is a map of the area and here is an aerial view so you can get a feel for the lay of the land.

OK I thought a little blatant self promotion was in order, so I have posted a photo over at JPG Mag if you dig it then tell them!

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12th March 2007. Why not sign the Petition in the hope that it will assist with his early release.

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