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Trapped Gas Leads To Global Warming. Gasometer, Bath, Somerset.
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Trapped Gas Leads To Global Warming. Gasometer, Bath, Somerset.

15-05-2007 · Comments (7)
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Monday: Three jobs applied for, six miles walked, three glasses of wine, two whiskies, one Gin and tonic. Left over food used from last night but chilli added as Jan is at work, yummy! The promise of coffee with a friend on Tuesday exciting me. Two flights booked for Crete in late June ....wonderful, £6 surcharge for using a credit card has pissed me off!! A trip to London this Saturday for a birthday party...damn fine. Film finished in bloody Diana....last chance saloon for her, results had better fill me with hope or she gets to sit in a box for a long time! Blue tit eggs have hatched in garden as have blackbird eggs....the sound of squeaking chicks warms my heart and makes me happy but cats seem to be camping out for the duration in the garden.... a well directed hosepipe does the trick there.
A friends fight with cancer seems close to the end...she lost. She is a beautiful person and she seems to be dealing with it with such dignity and optimism. I'm not surprised! She is a very special person and a wonderful photographer so the world is a better place for her having lived...God bless Mandy.

Today's photo was taken on a winters wander in Bath. These gas storage containers are very prominent and make me reflect on my childhood in Bristol. There seemed to be so many of these around dominating the skyline. Here is an aerial photo of the gasometers in Bath and if you have an interest then here is a map.

OK I thought a little blatant self promotion was in order, so I have posted a photo over at JPG Mag if you dig it then tell them!

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12th March 2007. Why not sign the Petition in the hope that it will assist with his early release.

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