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The Shape Of Things To Come. Climate Change Hits Sherston, Wiltshire.
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The Shape Of Things To Come. Climate Change Hits Sherston, Wiltshire.

07-05-2007 · Comments (26)
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It's a long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so we have another day to go and in the time honoured Bank Holiday tradition it is now raining! I guess this where I usually become some miserable SOB and go on and on about the rain. Oh no, I cannot! The grass and earth in my garden look as they should in high summer....parched and cracked. I hate Bank Holidays...the bloody roads are packed with cars and any place you care to go is packed with people as well so I stay home well out of it! So rain....no worries my garden needs it, but please just the odd day. So Sunday and Monday is the finale of the World Snooker Championship. We have had two weeks of it and it will be played out in all of its glory today and tomorrow. I watched my beloved Arsenal this afternoon in their attempt to beat Chelsea....it wasn't to be all they could manage was a draw...gutted! Perhaps next season will be a tad more successful.
It was the annual flower show in Bath so we thought we would go along and see a bunch of stuff......holy shit what do they charge to get into these events these days! £7 that's like $14 each! Now if it was the Chelsea Flower show I could understand but the standard was very low we were in and out in 30 minutes. Still on a plus side we did stumble across a French market in Bath today. Missed the advertisements for it but once a year we get a stack of French Market people come across to Bath and set up their stalls for the weekend....wonderful olives, salami, wine, cheese, garlic both straight and smoked. Breton t-shirts a plenty crazy French accents! Wonderful stuff.

Today's photo well I can't give you a map as I didn't make a not of where I took it. All I do know is that it was in the county of Wiltshire quite near the village of Sherston. I was drawn to it for it's contradiction. On the right we have the Rape which this year seems well advanced and yet on the left there is a tree with no leaves. It kind of reflects what sort of April we had....warm enough to boost the Rape and yet so dry that the warmth wasn't enough to get the leaves out on the tree....the poor thing was just waiting for rain. The weather seems crazy just now, we really don't get stupid weather here in the UK but even here it is doing strange stuff. Speaking of weather my heart goes out to all those effected by the tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas.

OK I thought a little blatant self promotion was in order, so I have posted a photo over at JPG Mag if you dig it then tell them!

a chance for calm
a hope for freedom
outlet from my cold solitary kingdom
by the forest of our spring stay
where you walked away
and left a bleeding part of me
empty and bothered
watching the water
quiet in the corner
numb and falling through
without you what does my life amount to?

Listening to: "Katy Song" (Red House Painters) - Red House Painters

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