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Illegal Deposit - Lasithi Plateau, Crete (Οροπέδιο Λασιθίου, Κρήτης.)
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Illegal Deposit - Lasithi Plateau, Crete (Οροπέδιο Λασιθίου, Κρήτης.)

03-05-2007 · Comments (18)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Ilford XP2  

Nothing much to say today....washed the car as it was in a real state and with the weather being so nice shiny paint has got to be the way. Two hours on that little task. A few job applications on-line, I like those the best as they present you with your previous form so a little jiggling and Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt...all sorted! Did a few of those, answered a few emails. Checked out the results of the 2007 Photobloggies. Have you checked out the runners and riders? Get over there and see if your horse came in. Congratulations to all who were nominated and a big slap on the back to the winners. It's a shame that there has to be winners but there does so there!
Finished off the afternoon with a few hours in the sun....I figured a little tan top up has got to be good for the funk, so I stretched out there, radio on, so good! Of course I was on my hands and knees scrubbing floors when Jan got home.

Today's shot is from the Lasithi Plateau or there about anyway. I can't exactly remember where but here is an aerial view of the plateau, you can see from this how it is surrounded by mountains. If I had to name one thing that I hate about Crete it would be the indiscriminate dumping of rubbish of all sorts and lots of it. Usually on some beautiful mountain top. Plastic is everywhere and there is no recycling of any sort...as far as I can tell anyway. I think pressure will come from the European Community eventually for Greece to clean their act up. I hope it's soon.

Listening to: "River Man" - (Five Leaves Left) Nick Drake

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