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Eight Bells Toll At St. Peter & St. Paul, North Curry, Somerset.
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Eight Bells Toll At St. Peter & St. Paul, North Curry, Somerset.

02-05-2007 · Comments (18)
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Well after yesterday's funk today didn't bode well! I went to bed promising myself that today I/we would do something, go somewhere. I had the seaside in mind as the forecast was set fair and it is always a wonderful place for inspiration. I woke in the same funk and wasn't really up for it but Jan pushed me in the right direction and off we went. My plan was to make the 2 hour drive to the south coast and to Weymouth. Weymouth was a place that we often used to go for holidays in the late 60's and in particular to an area called Bowleaze Cove. I remember all the holidays were in caravans and at the time this was a very sleepy undeveloped place. I seemed to spend all my time in the amusement arcades, no money to spend but lots to look at and others to observe. Loud music and I'm sure girls! I think that the last time I was there must have been in the late 60's....I was so disappointed....all overdeveloped...kind of shattered my memories, it just goes to show that sometimes they are best left in the head. Still, it was good to go back.
We moved on into Weymouth proper which doesn't seem to have have changed at all. Weymouth is always Weymouth.....beautiful sandy beaches....way to much seaside tat! I do kind of like the tat though. It was so warm, we wandered up and down the front enjoying the sun but I guess enjoying the watching of people more. I even plucked up the courage to ask a few people if I could take their photo. 50% hit rate so that was OK. My model of the day was one Doreen Bailey and her dog Zak. I had a lovely conversation with her about life in Weymouth and in particular about Zak's tooth extractions a few years ago and how he is now prone to dribbling on account of his having to basically suck his food up! She seemed well up for a photo and was patient enough for me to break out the Hasselblad and then let me double up on the Holga! I pray that one comes out as I have promised her a print....I want it for that more than anything. We shall see.
So a wonderful time was had.....much to return for if only to take a print for Noreen Bailey and Zak.

And so to the shot today. Taken back in March on a trip down to the Somerset Levels. This is the church of St Peter & St Paul in North Curry, a very small yet beautiful village with a very grand church. The light was so beautiful that day as it stood there on elevated ground surveying all before it. As always to help you I have located a map of North Curry. I know some like to see it in the flesh so to speak! so here is an Aerial view of North Curry. Not a very good aerial view today but some may find it interesting.

Well its got to be a chocolate Jesus
Make me feel good inside
Got to be a chocolate Jesus
Keep me satisfied

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