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Olympic Dreams Shattered At Gournes (Γούρνες, Κρήτη) Crete
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Olympic Dreams Shattered At Gournes (Γούρνες, Κρήτη) Crete

01-05-2007 · Comments (24)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Ilford XP2  

I'm in a funk....not sure why. It was a beautiful day today, Jan went off with her sister to visit their mother and me being foot loose and fancy free at the moment only had the unloading of the dishwasher to worry about, then it was off taking photos. I have felt this mood coming on for a few days....I do recognise the tale tale signs but often feel powerless to avoid it. So I loaded up with cameras, film and what I thought was enthusiasm....drove for miles, wandered around the countryside in an attempt to find inspiration, motivation...anything really. I just seemed to have a head full of negativity and a weird kind of reflection. I knew this out of work shit would eventually come and bite me on the ass! So I was out for hours total photos taken zero, people spoken to also zero. It wasn't until I got close to home that I had some kind of inspiration....shit I could have walked there in 5 minutes! Anyway, I ended up taking a few photos that I was happy with and have spent the rest of the evening watching the World Snooker Championship on TV. Wonderful edge of the seat stuff in very civilised surroundings.

As for today's photo....well I would love to say it was from a secret American base but that would be against the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. James over at Plasticfantastic would be after me for stealing his idea. So it's not a secret base, in fact I have conflicting informations to whether this derelict pool was ever part of the American base there. I have other photos to follow but they won't be labelled 'secret' or 'American'. Of course we both know they are both. So where is this place I hear you calling out! Here is an aerial view. The pool photographed here you can see in the centre of the photo, the American base, now derelict is to the left. I will post more photos from here when I have cleared them with James.

For today's tune I have to thank David Bennett over at stray light. A wonderful collection of photography, if you haven't been there then I would urge you to visit very soon! He made mention of the wonderful series Twin Peaks and the beautiful haunting song "Sycamore Trees" sung by 'Little' Jimmy Scott. I urge you to watch the clip, about 4 minutes in the song starts, well worth the wait....beautiful, beautiful stuff.

Listening to: "Sycamore Trees" - 'Little' Jimmy Scott

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