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Designed By John Palmer (1738-1817). Lansdown Crescent, Bath (1789-1793).
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Designed By John Palmer (1738-1817). Lansdown Crescent, Bath (1789-1793).

30-04-2007 · Comments (25)
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Well hell it's Monday already! Many of us were unable to make it to Chicago so I guess we will have to wait for all the gossip and perhaps photos to be posted as and when. Here's hoping that the sun shone for all of those attending because it sure shone here! I didn't go very far I have to say seemed to spend most of the time catching up with outside chores...you know getting the garden looking pretty for the summer....pots of this and that...move one of those from here to there. There also seemed to be a lot of hosepipe action! I am at my happiest when life involves a hosepipe or a fire, not necessarily at the same time but if I'm burning or watering I'm happy. And boy do I need to water at the moment April is set to be the warmest April since records began back in 1659. I'm not sure if this means we will all die but it does mean I get to play with a hose a lot and wear less clothes...ah simple things!
I hate DIY and today I was talked into painting some walls! Well the only plus side was that it took a lot less time than I had imagined it would but other than that it was shit! Now when I only had the two days off a week I had the perfect excuse...well I had an excuse. But not working has put pay to that, of course this may be a ploy to focus my mind on finding a job....damn you women are smart! Still conservatory all spick and span now for the summer!

Today's photo is another from Bath and of a crescent that very often passes the tourists by. Lansdown Crescent. In many way I find it more attractive than the more famous Royal Crescent and of course it is always quieter there. Designed by the architect John Palmer (1785-1846) and built between 1789 and 1793. My view of the crescent doesn't really show you how it looks so we have a map and an aerial view.

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