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Entertainment In An Intimate Setting - Old National Road, Crete, Greece
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Entertainment In An Intimate Setting - Old National Road, Crete, Greece

28-04-2007 · Comments (23)
Categories: Fuji 160C  Hasselblad SWC/M  

The weekend is upon us, so where should we all be? Of course in Chicago! Hell I'd sell Jan into slavery or my body in a local park to be there this weekend anything else I do seems slightly boring. Here's hoping that all concerned have a wonderful time....surely we must all know someone there right? Make sure they take photos and return with wonderful stories, if only of the bright lights.
I've had a pleasantly quiet day......I gave an outing to the Rolleicord, it seems to have been sat sulking for months now with a half finished film in it so I tried to finish that off. The sun has shone and so warmed my bones and this evening I have sat and stared at the TV...but for good reason. I started off with a beautiful 1970 concert by Joni Mitchell. I'm not a religious guy but if angels have a voice then she has the voice of an angel...wonderful stuff. If you have an interest then watch the video posted back there....a beautiful potted history of Joni. Then bugger me they put up a concert by Gillian Welch. After 2 hours from these guys I am close to being an emotional wreck. Check out tonight's fave song for a beauty from Gillian and if for no other reason check out the video....wonderful stuff!

I need to get into bed before 2am tonight, I was on the verge of death yesterday. I need to keep a clear mind! God knows why but one never knows what will present it's self! And so to tonight's photo, back with something from the SWC/M, something with a little colour to ease us through the weekend. What can I say? It looks as if it may be a toilet with a view and perhaps a promise of some live music from Manolis Stefanakis. You also have his cell phone number bottom right so why not give him a call and tell him he is great. I'm sure that he must be taking bookings. You wanna map? You got it, that carpark looking area is where I took the photo, spitting distance from the airport!

Listening to: "Revelator" (Time (The Revelator)) - Gillian Welch

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