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In Life As In Death At Greenway Farm, Wick, Gloucestershire.
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In Life As In Death At Greenway Farm, Wick, Gloucestershire.

26-04-2007 · Comments (19)
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I should have taken some pills before I went to bed last night...it was all that walking. Do you ever get what can be best described as restless legs? Not uncomfortable enough to call them aching just unable to keep them still. Well that's what I had when I eventually hauled my ass to bed at 3am...restless legs. I should have got back up and took some pills but no like an idiot I led there just thinking about it. So I'm knackered today and it's all my own fault!
Today was also my Social Security appointment......you know the set up I went away to Crete so upon my return I have to present myself for questions....sign my name what seems like a dozen times and generally jump through hoops. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, they were quite nice. Having said that it was my first visit so I didn't have to provide my proof of trying to find employment, that will be in two weeks. No doubt they will ease pins under my finger nails then in an attempt to get the truth from me. I even walked to and from town in an attempt to put my restless legs to good use. No rain.....walk was fine 7 miles and managed to stay awake all evening so the prospects of sleep are good.

Today's image is one from a while ago when I was gainfully employed...taken at work. So for your delectation I have supplied you with a map of the area and also an aerial view just so you can get a feel for the lay of the land.

Feeling a little reflective so you will have to indulge me with one of my favourite tunes. There is always a danger of this when posting late at night. Of course listening to the tune just makes it worst but then that's the point I guess.

Listening to: "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" (By The Time I Get To Phoenix) - Glen Campbell

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