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An Inclination Towards..........Karidi (Καρύδι, Κρήτη) Crete
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An Inclination Towards..........Karidi (Καρύδι, Κρήτη) Crete

25-04-2007 · Comments (33)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Ilford XP2  

I guess I ought to start off by saying thank you to all of you for the positive comments I had to yesterdays photo. Memories are funny things, they jump into our minds when we least expect them, on this occasion the music did it...well I guess in the case of Gary it is always the music. Anyway thanks for the nice words...I need to get into Bristol and say hi to him very soon, it's been a long time.
Well today I managed to motivate myself to detach my ass from this seat and get beyond the confines of the garden. Applied for a few jobs AM...on-line as that suits my naturally lazy disposition! A couple of them were at the hospital...menial stuff but hey a job is a job. I was just about to press submit to one when I thought I would re read the job specification...now I'm not a squeamish guy...I've scrapped my fair share of dead bodies off of the road but when I saw the sentence 'Could involve direct contact with fluids e.g. blood and blood products, sputum, vomit and urine, foul linen occasionally throughout the shift' I backed off.....if someone wants to pay me good money to deal with that sort of stuff then all well and good but it would seem they want you to deal with that and pay you minimum wage....I don't think so! Hey that's why I stopped at one child....I'm a bit choosy how I take my body fluids!
So I went for a walk....all seven miles off it......the 3 miles back home was in the bloody rain...light but irritating. I then ate, drank and fell asleep....for hours! So now I'm posting at 2am, won't be able to sleep and probably not get up until 10am. If that cat does his usual trick of walking across my face and then sticking his ass in it in an attempt to get my attention and feed him then he is out of the window for sure. I am hoping that the wine part of the evening will help me nod off.....apparently it also makes me snore...one day I will be presented with proof!

Another shot from the recent trip to Crete....I must say the wind does blow there....I guess it's an island and when it blows my god it blows. The odd thing is that in the UK when we have windy days it is generally accompanied by cloud, rain...you know weather. But there you get clear blue skies and it blows and blows....if it's from the south then it is as if someone is stood in front of you with a hair drier blowing in your face....most odd. Anyway, this tree I think is a casualty of such winds...beautifully twisted. Sorry no map....in the middle of nowhere....unless you like maps of hill sides that is.

Have your spirit uplifted by my tune today...this one always does me for no reason.
'They're just humans, with wives and children'

Listening to: "Race For The Prize" (The Soft Bulletin) - The Flaming Lips

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