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Dave Luvs Sara - Botanical Gardens, Royal Victoria Park, Bath.
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Dave Luvs Sara - Botanical Gardens, Royal Victoria Park, Bath.

24-04-2007 · Comments (29)
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Hey I wasn't quite sure what I had to say tonight....not much I guess. It was all probably going to be based around some potato soup I made today using some chicken stock I made a few days ago...then I was going to probably go on about some shit. Then as I sat down and had a flash back to the late 70's and the tune that I am listening to. When I was a kid I had a friend called Gary Waite...a nice steady guy who was never any trouble....never one for the girls but he loved motorcycles...he was the first of us to get one and the first to pass his test....he never did anything silly...you know the type...just nice. Anyway in the late 70's I heard that he had been killed in a motorcycle accident.....doubly terrible was that he had his brother in law on the back and he was killed as well. I guess he must have been about 19.
So the point of the song and the story and the tune...well there is no point to the story other than I re-live his death in my head on a periodic basis...as for the tune. Well I had the date for his funeral in my diary...I knew when it was. But for some reason I forgot and then suddenly remembered on the day of the funeral....I knew I was late but I drove like hell to be there...I missed it....he was dead and buried when I got there...this was the tune that was playing whilst I was driving there...there must have been others but this was the one I remembered...it still rips me to pieces to hear it.
There are many songs that rip me to pieces, I guess I'm that kind of guy...music moves me to tears all the time...not many tunes have specific memories for me...this one does, I like that. I liked Gary.

Today's shot was taken back in March in the Royal Victoria Park in Bath. I had been there taking a few shots of the botanical gardens that were beginning to burst out. Spotted this and tried to do it justice with the Holga. As always here is a map to guide you in! If you fancy seeing it from the air then here is an aerial view.

Listening to: "Dance Away" (Manifesto) - Roxy Music

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