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Looking Down On Creation. Derelict Windmills Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete
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Looking Down On Creation. Derelict Windmills Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete

18-04-2007 · Comments (19)
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Nothing much to ramble about today. Finally got on top of the email backlog......seemed to sit and stare at the TV news best part of the day as events unfolded in Virginia. I almost said 'what is the world is coming to'....but I have been wondering that for years. The world seems such a sad place I guess as individuals we have to make our own happiness and grasp every second of it as there seem to be plenty out there trying to take it from us. I'm not much into religion but my thoughts have most certainly been with those effected by the incident.

The Rape is almost in full flower here at the moment so I did venture out for a shot time to try and take some pretty pictures....but failed as I just couldn't find the right location. I needed the compression of a longer lens really and the SWC was just causing me problems with it's wideness.....perhaps I'll tackle it again tomorrow...perhaps not! It didn't feel very original...Mmmmm. Still it was warm, unseasonably warm. Shorts are the uniform at the moment.......and will be now hopefully until November. Now in past jobs I have made it a point of telling them I only want the job if I can wear shorts. I may be causing myself problems by making that one of my conditions and I guess it would be unwise to mention it to the Social Security people!

Told you I had sweet FA to say so I will end by telling you that this is another from my March trip to Crete and the same set of derelict windmills as I posted a few weeks ago. I took a stack of them on this last trip so you will be well pissed off with them eventually. Even though 99% of those you see are derelict on closer inspection the quality of the building has to be seen to be believed. I have rarely seen mortar each stone seems to be held in place by the next.The window and door frames on the exterior are perfectly square and flat yet when you look inside you can still see how they were hand carved as the shape of the original stone has been left inside as this wasn't visible....wonderful things I just hope that they do something with them before they all fall down. Anyhow here is a little aerial view of where they are. If you look carefully on the map it appears as if there were 13 or so there at one stage. Have a pan out and a browse about.....the two villages to the south of the windmills are Kastelli(Καστέλλι) on the right and Fourni(Φουρνή) to the left and out of shot.

Today's tune is from the first rock album I bought as a kid back in the early 70's. It was secondhand and I had never heard of them, I just liked the cover.....it was a good choice though. The vinyl is long gone so I really need to get this on CD and get the air guitar out of moth balls.

Listening to: "Fireball" (Fireball) - Deep Purple

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