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Perfect For Solitary Prayer. Driros (Δρίρος, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Perfect For Solitary Prayer. Driros (Δρίρος, Κρήτη) Crete.

24-03-2007 · Comments (19)
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Friday, sweet Friday....it used to mean something funny how quickly you forget the joy of finishing work for the week. I guess that's the thing about work, always a love hate thing going on, most of us long not to have to and yet it is the thing that adds structure to our week. I guess the bottom line is that you need to be doing something you would rather not to appreciate the things you like. Now I'm sure with enough cash I could get over this small problem but when deep down you know you need a job it just adds to the problem.
As days go a quiet one....did the normal house stuff, walked in to Bath to get a few prints done. My Greek teacher in Crete bless her wanted to buy a couple of prints when I was there last September, she was in no hurry for them so I kinda forgot. Whilst I was there earlier in the month she reminded me so I needed to get them done. She wanted them A2 so quite big....anyway done and I must say as enlargements from a 35mm negative they look pretty good. I think when framed and hung together they will look pretty good. Who knows it may bring a few more sales in.

OK tonight's image is from one of the many tiny churches that litter the hill tops in Crete. It is located near the ancient city of Driros. The city of Driros was important during the early Greek years, about the eighth century B.C., but declined later after the second century B.C. The retaining walls of the city, the public buildings and the agora remain, but they are not well-preserved. An inscription in Doric dialect was found in which the young men from Driros swore to the gods to be forever the enemies of Lyktians and Milatians, then in another later inscription, the people of Driros declared friendship with the Lyktians and Milatians.
In Driros archaeologists discovered a temple to Apollo Delfinos, one of the oldest Greek period temples in Greece, dating from the seventh century B.C. A column in the centre, a central hearth (Estia) and an offering table make it resemble a Minoan building. The temple has a stone house protecting it. Three copper statuettes, found there, among the earliest of their kind, are displayed now in the Iraklion Museum. Some important inscriptions revealed interesting aspects of the ancient society.

No you're right, I didn't write all of that but a few of you might be interested. If you fancy a browse around the countryside then here is the location of Driros. The funny blur is the ancient city! Sorry it won't let me get any closer but if you don't fancy a wander around the Cretan countryside then go and watch the telly!

If you don't know the song I am listening to please check it out....so uplifting. Finding the video on YouTube was a real joy.

Listening to: "Since I Left You" (Since I Left You) - The Avalanches

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