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A Dream Consumed By Nature - Motel Xenia, Amnisos (Αμνίσος, Κρήτη) Crete
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A Dream Consumed By Nature - Motel Xenia, Amnisos (Αμνίσος, Κρήτη) Crete

23-03-2007 · Comments (19)
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In accordance with social security legislation I applied for three jobs today. They demand two a week but I have gone for three to show my commitment to the back to work ethic. I'm not sure typing it here for you to read is going to convince me. I had a promise of an application form from one, an emailed application form from another and with the third I emailed my CV across and I must say got a very speedy response saying that I was 'unsuitable for the position.' In an attempt to identify why I didn't get the job or at least why I was rejected so readily I emailed them back asking. I had a very polite reply explaining that it was they were looking for a middle aged woman and they hoped I wasn't too disappointed. I almost left it there but as we were on first name terms now I replied saying I was a little upset as I am middle aged but not female unfortunately. I did point out though that I was a very organised person that was able to make good tea and coffee....however I was unsure how I looked in a skirt but would check with Jan! I did wish them well in their search and at least hope that they took it in the spirit in which it was meant. Shame really as I'm not looking for a career just a nice job and it seemed that.

Other than a short trip to the newsagents to pay the bill I haven't been outside the door today. It was grey and a little bit drizzly so that was OK. Managed to catch up on a lot of web based stuff....best not mention it to Jan. I ordered some film for the forthcoming trip and had a nice natter with them on the phone, I even chatted with my ex boss on the phone who is a little under the weather at the moment, here's hoping that she has a speedy recovery. However I did clean the bathroom, fill the pond up with water, make a very nice tomato and basil sauce to have with some potato gnocchi for supper. It was washed down with a very nice bottle of red Portuguese wine. I then seem to remember staring at the magic box in the corner for a while and seeing some very pretty colours dance in front of my eyes.

OK another from the recent trip to Crete. I happened across a massive derelict Motel there. I was amazed that somewhere so close to the coast could remain empty and derelict.....it is also about 5 miles from the main airport. The only reason I could think of for it's demise was the fact a new national highway was built a few years ago which would have made this place a little more difficult to access. Anyway, I have lots of shots of this place that will appear over the coming weeks. I have even managed to find a decent aerial view of the place. So here is a map of the Motel Xenia. The cross shaped building is the centre of the complex.

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