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In Need Of Some 21st Century Love. Beckford's Tower Cemetery, Bath.
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In Need Of Some 21st Century Love. Beckford's Tower Cemetery, Bath.

20-03-2007 · Comments (18)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

I seem to have spent the day nursing my aching body and having flashbacks to when I used to go to the gym a lot. Days such as these were common place then. I knew exercise was bad for me. Thank God for drugs that's all I will say on the matter.

One of the conditions that the social security impose on you is that you have to provide documentary evidence of your search for work and on top of that you have to have applied for 2 jobs each week. I wouldn't mind this if I had a wad of cash every week to spend but as I get zilch other than my national insurance stamp paid it leaves a bit of a bitter taste. Anyway, I thought I would enter into the spirit of it all my applying for my first job. I have no idea what to do or what indeed I am looking for. All I do know is that a new challenge would be great, so.... I spotted today that my local area health authority have a vacancy for a part time Phlebotomist. It would appear that experience is preferable but not essential as full training will be given. Not sure how I would be sticking a needle in people but hey there's nothing like a new challenge and it's not as if I'm not used to the sight of blood I seemed to spend most of my time looking at in the police....although it was usually spread across the road. I figure in a container would be a breeze. I have seen this redundancy thing as perhaps a way of pushing me in a new direction, so here goes. Application form filled in and submitted. I think I have what it takes, watch this space and I shall keep you updated.

OK today's photo is another from my series taken at the Victorian cemetery that adjoins Beckford's Tower. Completed in 1827 from a design by Henry Edmund Goodridge for William Beckford (1760-1844). For all the information on the tower just follow the link back there. If you are interested in it's location then here is a link to a map.

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