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It's Georgian, It's Beautiful, It's The Royal Crescent, Bath, Somerset.
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It's Georgian, It's Beautiful, It's The Royal Crescent, Bath, Somerset.

19-03-2007 · Comments (11)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400  

The weekend was dry and relatively sunny....is was a little chillier which threw the shorts thing into a spin but then that's the nature of the beast. When you fly in the face of shorts logic you are bound to run into problems. But that was the least of my problems...my body is in pain! Saturday and Sunday I agreed to help some friends with the reorganisation of their garden.....that equals manual labour just in case I'm not making myself clear. They had a landscaping project which they needed help with.....I would have helped regardless but after drinks I was more than willing to volunteer my body for abuse. So here I am Sunday evening and I hurt....people talk about a honest days work...not sure if that was what the past two days were but since when were the muscles in the palms of your hands supposed to to hurt? For that matter how long have we had muscles there.......and there is an extensive list of other places on my body where I had no idea that muscle groups ruled the roost! I seem to just sit and sigh a lot....I would enjoy that if it were following something slightly more intimate but alas no! I get up and my legs hurt, I sit down and my ass hurts...I chew food and my face hurts...as you can imagine all this work has just encouraged me to drink more to kill the pain...coupled with pain killing drugs the weekend has been odd to say the least!

Total photographs taken over the last two days....zero....I feel sure a Hasselblad shutter would have been very painful to use and if I had work in the morning I would have been very pissy...but I don't. Please don't call me until mid morning!

Today's shot is another from my little romp around Bath with the Holga. Snapped in The Royal Crescent, Bath. The Royal Crescent was built between 1767 and 1775 to the design of John Wood the Younger, and forms a semi-ellipse of thirty Grade I listed houses arranged around a great Lawn. If you wanna know more then here is some history of The Royal Crescent. As for its location well it's in Bath but a map is always useful! And if you fancy a more conventional view of the place the here is an aerial view.

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