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Water Under And Water Over - Dundas Aqueduct, Built 1797-1805.
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Water Under And Water Over - Dundas Aqueduct, Built 1797-1805.

16-03-2007 · Comments (19)
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Well yesterday's declaration of shorts turned around and bit me in the ass today...so to speak. Very chilly but thankfully I didn't need to go out so I'm OK. However they have forecast colder weather returning so I will probably live to regret my opening my large mouth! So other than the garden I haven't been out, bean stew was duly cooked and enjoyed, I seem to have at last caught up on stuff from being away for 2 weeks...shit only two weeks and I will be gone again. I hope that I will get to pick up some of the Cretan photos tomorrow...I am hoping that I can walk and that my blister won't cause issues...bloody things! Who knows I might have something exciting to post tomorrow, but for tonight I am knackered from doing nothing and the post will have to be something from the archive.
Oh, I have had a hair appointment booked for me, always a tense time, not for another week but something to worry about. Are you beginning to get the feeling that I really don't have enough to keep me busy? Well I do, I'm just not doing it!

Today's photo was taken just after new year on a walk that took us to Dundas Aqueduct. A beautiful day for January. The aqueduct was designed by John Rennie (1761-1821) and built between 1797 and 1805. It is often regarded as his finest achievement. Wonderful to cross but best appreciated I think from the river bank looking back up at it.
OK, so where is Dundas Aqueduct I hear you scream! Perhaps you weren't screaming! But anyway here is a little map to help you along the way! Or if you want to see how pretty it is then click the link before for an aerial photo! But hey mine is almost as nice.

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