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Designed By John Wood The Younger. Built Between 1767 and 1774.
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Designed By John Wood The Younger. Built Between 1767 and 1774.

15-03-2007 · Comments (21)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400  

It's official, spring is here. Well it's official on the Philly scale and that all starts the first day I wear shorts. Now this may not seem like a big deal to you but there are rules that I apply to myself. Normally the wearing of shorts shouldn't be a big deal, put them on when it is warm if the weather changes then take them off and return to long trousers....oh no!!! Not in my world, the day I choose to wear shorts is the day I wear shorts outside for the rest of the year....well until I decide that I will stop. I normally start sometime in March....usually the end and then revert to long trousers in the autumn. I try to last until November but anyway it's around that time of year. In between, if I am out of the house it is shorts. If we are going out for the evening then the same rules apply....they will have to accept smart shorts but shorts they will have to be OK with. So today was day one....I'm about 2 weeks early but we will have to see. I mean today I had shorts and t-shirt....and I was warm...fab!

Started the day with a little garden work......did the walk in and out of town...in my shorts and t-shirt! I guess about 8 miles walked. Managed to pick myself up a blister into the bargain! Never quite sure whether to burst it or let it dry out. I think that drying out is the preferred method and the one that I have had most success with. Dropped off the rest of my film at the processors. Applied for a couple of jobs to keep DSS off of my back! Talked to a few people to keep me sane....ignored a few others to keep me sane also. Had left over food for supper which was great.....with some freshly prepared food! Soaked some dried beans so that I can cook a Cannellini bean stew tomorrow....using the chicken stock I made a few days ago. Sorted! I have to say it would be very inconvenient to have to work at the moment...but the money would be nice!

Today's shot is another taken last week in a little romp around Bath with the Holga. Snapped in The Royal Crescent, Bath. The Royal Crescent was built between 1767 and 1775 to the design of John Wood the Younger, and forms a semi-ellipse of thirty Grade I listed houses arranged around a great Lawn. If you wanna know more then here is some history of The Royal Crescent. As for its location well it's in Bath but a map is always useful!

Listening to: "The Girl Who Made Me Sick" (Pictures From Life's Other Side) - Johnny Dowd

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In Need Of Some 21st Century Love. Beckford's Tower Cemetery, Bath.It's Georgian, It's Beautiful, It's The Royal Crescent, Bath, Somerset.Saturated Beyond Belief So Soft Going At Bath RacecourseWater Under And Water Over - Dundas Aqueduct, Built 1797-1805.Designed By John Wood The Younger. Built Between 1767 and 1774.Everything Points At The Sea In Kato Loumas (Κάτω Λούμας, Κρήτη) CreteWinter Sunshine Warms The Bones Close to Dundas Aqueduct, Near Bath.To The Heart Of The City And Beyond - Kennet And Avon Canal, BathCharles Harcourt Masters (b.1759) Architect  - Sydney Park, Bath.