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Everything Points At The Sea In Kato Loumas (Κάτω Λούμας, Κρήτη) Crete
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Everything Points At The Sea In Kato Loumas (Κάτω Λούμας, Κρήτη) Crete

14-03-2007 · Comments (13)
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Shit I'm knackered! I had a 9am appointment at the social security office, so up bright eyed and bushy tailed for the walk into Bath and my god what a beautiful morning! They said 9 so I stepped out.....get there with 5 to spare only to find the office doesn't even open until 9, anyway ten past and now a group are gathering in the street.....three parts drinking alcohol. Now I am assuming if I was 10 minutes late for my appointment there might be something said but for them it is OK. It's not enough that perhaps people have lost some of their dignity being out of work and perhaps find going to the social security office slightly uncomfortable....you would have thought that they might have realised that but no they add to the fucking discomfort by making you stand in the street where everybody knows what's going on. Do I sound angry? I'm not and wasn't but it did upset me......never mind perhaps I'm being over sensitive.
I than have to re-fill out all the bloody forms that I filled out 2 weeks ago but because I have been out of the country I have to do it again....very productive use of time and energy. Same lecture about looking for work....what I can do and can't do.......we then have some weird groundhog day conversation about the fact that I may not be able to claim benefit....I KNOW I CAN'T! You told me 2 bloody weeks ago....NOTHING HAS CHANGED...I have only been on holiday! Still I guess it keeps someone in a job! And the way they are going they will be needing the help of a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst very soon......I am so happy to be of help to the medical services. Hey if they can't find me work we might as well add to the pockets of others!

Still the sun shone......I had a quadruple espresso in Fopp(record store) as doubles cost the same as singles and two rounds of toast and Marmite. I bought the latest edition of Uncut and Black and White Photography sat there and read like I was earning my own money and had a job....good job my feelings weren't visible! Didn't go home all day, just walked and walked, I think about 10 miles or so....met some nice people who's conversation lifted my mood. They had no idea the difference that they made but they made one. Bought Jan a mothers day present and card from the cat for this Sunday. At some stage I will need to pin him down to sign the card....he's a bugger, he enjoys the wrapping of the present but getting him to sign a card is a different matter. Perhaps I'll get him hungry and bribe him with the promise of food. Rattled off a roll of film through the Holga....not sure if I enjoyed the process or not. Arrived home tired with aching legs and feet.

Tomorrow will be better right?

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