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Charles Harcourt Masters (b.1759) Architect  - Sydney Park, Bath.
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Charles Harcourt Masters (b.1759) Architect - Sydney Park, Bath.

10-03-2007 · Comments (12)
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What is it with travelling? I visit a country which in the scheme of things is close and only a 2 hour time difference, so one can hardly claim that I am suffering from jet lag but for days after I return I am bloody starving. It is as if I have worms or something. Now there's an idea....perhaps that's what I have...I am sharing what I eat!
I have decided to get my film from Crete processed in two batches, I fear I am in danger of giving Jan a financial heart attack if I take the bloody lot in at once. I feel as a non participating financial member of the household it is the least I can do!
The weather today has been glorious and it would seem that tomorrow is set to be the warmest day of the year so far.....now in UK terms that's not a major big deal, hell our top temperature doesn't get that high even in the middle of the summer. You see, I get to ramble about the weather even when there is nothing to ramble about.

OK, today's photo is another taken in Sydney Gardens, a beautiful formal park and garden right in the centre of Bath. The oldest park in the City. It is listed as a grade 2 and recognised as an important Park on a national level. It was planned and laid out by the architect Harcourt Masters in 1795. 12 acres in size, it became very popular towards the end of the 18th and 19th century and was frequently visited by members of the Royal Family. Also regularly visited by Jane Austin, who was a resident of Bath. The Kennet and Avon canal runs right through it. A very peaceful place but can be the scene of some unsavoury goings on after dark! Anyway, still worth a visit and to that end here is a map.

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