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From Cradle To Grave At St. Peter's Church, Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire
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From Cradle To Grave At St. Peter's Church, Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire

01-03-2007 · Comments (23)
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OK guys I'm out of here for two weeks, off to the beautiful Island of Crete. I have no bloody job and I think Jan was beginning to tire of me under her feet already so she told me to bugger off there for two weeks....sorted! I will be staying as always in the beautiful mountain village of Kritsa (Κριτσά). I have tried to attach a map of where I am located which is tricky as the satellite maps available aren't very good, still this one sort of shows you with a little imagination. If you look at the cross shaped building that is a large church. If you come to 7 o'clock for about an inch you will see a small grey rectangular building, that is an even smaller church and the house is overlooking that. Bored yet? I'll shut up!
The idea is to post probably every other day....perhaps more frequently and I will try to add some text whilst there if I have anything to say, well I guess I always have something to just very little of it has any substance! So, we'll see how it goes and if it all goes tits up whilst there I'll have to make it up as I go along.

1200 Thursday 1st March - Ok Wednesday.....I thought I would take myself to the Lassithi Plateau which is a large agricultural plain up in the mountains at about 1400 feet. It started to rain hard but hell it's a beautiful drive even in the rain. The plain has a road that goes around the outside of it with a network of small roads, tracks and lanes that fill the interior....only the farms use them and I wasn't to realise until later...even they don't use them in the winter due to flooding...it was quite flooded!
So off I set into the centre....pissing with rain yet so pretty...I was on asphalt initially then thought I would drive along a hardcore track....quite safe by Greek standards....Oh I'm driving a VW Polo so the ground clearance is about 6 inches! So there are some puddles and stuff but I'm driving carefully....then I meet one that is a little deep but it looks fine so I continue...so I enter the next one a little more carefully.....well holy shit.....I was half way in when the nose of the car dipped violently and I can see the water coming over the front of the bonnet I kid you not! I instictivly floor the pedal well the car lurched to one side I thought it was going to roll over I can hear the car grinding on the bottom of this hole and then as if by magic I popped out the other side!
That kind of shit doesn't usually scare me but I was shitting it...so now I'm the wrong side of the deepest puddle in the whole world!....this lane stretches ahead for about a mile with similar nasties but I couldn't go back so I thought I would try the next one! Big mistake...not as deep but way to deep...I took a run at that but then thought holy shit I need to go back. So I turn the car....venture back through the last puddle with some fear and I am faced with the mother of all puddle. I get out, wander around test the depth and see that it is two thirds of a full sized umbrella! I have no idea what to do, I examine the scene......I can see that others obviously don't drive through this as I can see that they drive through the field to avoid it but the ground is saturated and I will get stuck.....so I thought do I risk ripping the ass out of the car in the water or getting stuck in the field....I thought the field would cost less.....so I tried and I got stuck...now up to the sills in mud.
OK Phil, start walking, I have no idea how far the nearest village is so armed with umbrella and Greek dictionary I walk for 45 minutes and find a cafe with three old people that look as if they ought to be dead so I know they won't speak and English...correct. But I make myself understood....they make phone call....guy arrives in so big shit faced Toyota thingie so off we set me him and two old men who I guess wanted to see what the wanker of an englishman has done. So we arrive....after a few smiles they set to tow me out and the truck gets stuck in the mud as well....we spend 30 minutes trying to get him out...no good but he was very calm and seemd quite happy. He then proceeded to phone everyone in his address book fo what seemd like an hour...it's still pissing down.....eventually he managed to lacte someone to help so another hour later another truck arrived who pulled us both out of the field.
OK...car back in lane still big puddle to negotiate.....he is set to piss off...he points at the puddle and says through there and next left.....I say I can't drive through that can you pull me...with that he takes the keys off of me and drives at the puddle.....for the love of god I thought we had lost him the water was over the bonnet again......almost on it's side. He climbs out smiling and says OK......I ask him how much I owed him...nothing not a bean.....I said please...NO...I forced a few euros on him...he smiled drove off and I stood there like I had emerged from some bad dream. I spent the next 30 minutes finding the cafe they had been at....he was sat drinking a sprite...waved me in....I ordered a few drinks for all the people involved...told them I loved them and wanted to have their children.....went to pay for the drinks....he said no you have already given me money we can use that.
I told the story to Greek friends and they said why would he take money....you were in trouble and needed help...that's what people do isn't it! If only that were true everywhere!
These people are amazing....be happy....help someone for free and feel good.

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