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Keep Your Sanity And Travel On The Kennet And Avon Canal. Bath
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Keep Your Sanity And Travel On The Kennet And Avon Canal. Bath

20-02-2007 · Comments (17)
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OK guys I'm out of here for two weeks, off to the beautiful Island of Crete. I have no bloody job and I think Jan was beginning to tire of me under her feet already so she to ld me to bugger off there for two weeks....sorted! I will be staying as always in the beautiful mountain village of Kritsa (Κριτσά). I have tried to attach a map of where I am located which is tricky as the satellite maps available aren't very good, still this one sort of shows you with a little imagination. If you look at the cross shaped building that is a large church. If you come to 7 o'clock for about an inch you will see a small grey rectangular building, that is an even smaller church and the house is overlooking that. Bored yet? I'll shut up!
The idea is to post probably every other day....perhaps more frequently and I will try to add some text whilst there if I have anything to say, well I guess I always have something to just very little of it has any substance! So, we'll see how it goes and if it all goes tits up whilst there I'll have to make it up as I go along.

2325 - Shit I have to be up in 4 hours for the trip to the airport...what am I doing here, I can't leave it alone! Olympic Airlines have already messed with my flights, I will have to try and update you from Athens tomorrow. I thought I would have about 2 or 3 hours there...now it looks like it will be 7 or 8...the swines! anyway guys, watch this space my new regime is regular updates without appearing too sad!...be happy!

1700 - OK guys, I'm here at Athens airport. Have just had it confirmed that my bloody flight is cancelled so have 5 long hours here. Beautiful airport, everyone smokes....but then I knew that already....I swear I saw a baby just now smoking outside of a designated area! OK, I'm off to drink and eat...be nice toeach other!

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