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History Weighs Heavy At St. Peter's Church, Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire.
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History Weighs Heavy At St. Peter's Church, Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire.

19-02-2007 · Comments (22)

Well an oddly wonderful weekend that has left me feeling confused and humbled! It all started with me receiving wonderful news, confirmation that I had a guest gallery of 10 photographs over at Filmwasters. I have known for a while but to see it up there has blown me away especially when you see the wonderful people that are members over there. If you shoot film and like to be around like minded talented photographers then get your ass over there and join the forum. You won't be disappointed!
Then I go check to see who has been nominated over at Photobloggies. To say that I am confused, amazed, flattered and humbled would be an understatement. The company is outstanding and all I can say is thank you to each and every one of you who voted

As you can imagine the rest of the weekend was something of a blur....lots of planning and packing for my trip to Crete, I leave early Tuesday morning for 2 weeks but am sorting some posts out and the plan is to add text on the days the posts go up....I'm not sure what the hell I'll find to talk about but if I leave it late enough I'll be pissed and so bound to have an opinion or 2 about something or another! So please drop by even though the pics will be automated my ramblings will be in realish time!
Had friends around tonight so did a bit of preparation this morning, decided to go for some Oxtail.....sorry all you veggies out there. Nipped down to the butchers on Saturday and was slightly worried that they had run out...I wanted to cook it as it is a particular favourite of one of our guests....Jan retreated quickly when the butcher said he did have some and snatched a tail down from the wall about 3 bloody feet long. I think that she thought it would involve a lot of chopping, cutting and perhaps the smell of burning flesh!....dealt with in no time. How she managed to cover both eyes and both ears with two hands is still a mystery to me! Needless to say it was delicious if you enjoy sucking the marrow from large pieces of bone...I jest, the meat was as tender as anything and went down very well. A good night was had by all, wonderful company, lots of wine and no work in the morning...can you see me smiling? I have an appointment with the social security people tomorrow afternoon....should be amusing if nothing else.

OK, today's photo is taken in the church yard of St.Peter's Church, Dyrham Park a beautiful Baroque country house put together by William Blathwayt, who was closely associated with King William III and served as his Secretary of State from 1698 until 1704. As a result of Blathwayt’s royal connections, and his influential uncle, Thomas Povey, Dyrham became a showcase for taste in Dutch decorative arts. The collection includes delftware, paintings, and furniture; later 18th century additions include furniture by Gillows and Linnell. The interiors have remained little altered since decorated by Blathwayt. The Blathwayt family lived at the House until 1956, when The National Trust acquired it. For some idea of the church's proximity to the house here is a map to help.

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