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A Lasting Legacy At Hinkley Point 'A' - Bridgwater, Somerset
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A Lasting Legacy At Hinkley Point 'A' - Bridgwater, Somerset

16-02-2007 · Comments (10)
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Nothing too much to report today, managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed at a reasonable hour...which was good. Was rather disturbed to look out of the window only to see some guys in the process of cutting down a beautiful Beech tree across the road from us that must have been 60 feet tall. They had some massive crane in place....this thing was beautiful. It must have had a preservation order on it so we phoned the local council to see if they had permission. Well sir...we're not sure we'll need to look into it....LOOK INTO IT! They are cutting the bloody thing down....tomorrow isn't going to do, you need to know right now....2 hours and this baby is going to be sawdust....well can we call you back on this!!! For the love of God! Did they call us back? Did they shit! So we did the walk into town thing about 7 miles there and back good to get a little exercise but safe in the knowledge there would be no call and that the beautiful tree that must have been 60 years old would be kitty litter by the time we returned....it was...BASTARDS!
There was one positive thing that came from today and that was we managed to pay the remainder of the mortgage on our house off. We have spent 20 years paying for this, longing for the day when we would be no longer saddled with the debt. In recent years we have stretched ourselves to pay it off in double quick time. So today I was convinced that the trip to the building society would be a big deal and that I would feel elated...not a chance. I guess having lived here all that time we have gotten used to the place and so on the big day there was nothing tangible for our efforts...bit of a let down really so I went and bought a couple of coffees....now I enjoyed that....very odd! So no job but no debt...will feel good soon I'm sure.

OK, today's photo is another from our little wander a few weekends ago over to Hinkley Point Power Station. In this image you can see Hinkley Point 'A' in the distance which stopped producing electricity in 2000 but as you can imagine there will be a tad of clearing up for as long as you and I live and beyond! if you are of a mind to take a look at where I was then here is the normal map. It was amazingly peaceful there...not sure if this was because everything was dead or because nuclear energy is so clean and wonderful. I'm going with the latter, I have spent all of my life in denial about one thing or another so one more thing won't do any harm!

Listening to: "Convict Pool" (Convict Pool) - Calexico

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