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Power For One Million Homes At Hinkley Point 'B', Bridgwater, Somerset.
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Power For One Million Homes At Hinkley Point 'B', Bridgwater, Somerset.

15-02-2007 · Comments (13)
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I have kinda felt out of sorts today and all because of lunch. I don't eat lunch and haven't for about 10 years....long story...very boring. Anyway as part of my new regime I had arranged to meet a friend for lunch. It was difficult to refuse....hey she's a very attractive redhead and this was taking part with the blessing of our respective partners on Valentine's Day....pretty good eh! We went to a fish restaurant which is even yummier. I had Whitebait followed by Sea Bass washed down with a nice glass of dry white wine. The trouble is because I never eat lunch....or very rarely, it really throws my system out of sorts. I had a wonderful time but have felt really odd for the remainder of the day....ah well small price to pay for fab food and even better company.
The weather was wonderful as well....clear blue sky and it seemed more like spring than winter!....sorry all those up to their necks in snow. Still I got to have a walk in an attempt to work off the lunch and even managed to get through a few rolls of film....took in the canal on the way home... 10 miles walked and a delicious lunch....can't grumble. The day was topped off a treat with the glorious Arsenal winning their FA Cup reply against Bolton in extra time....just need to check those lottery tickets for a win it's been that sweet a day!

OK, today's photo is from a little wander we had a few weekends ago over to Hinkley Point Power Station. I love to see a bit of industry set in a very rural landscape. I must say that this was the closest I have been to a nuclear power station and was amazed with how quiet it was....it slipped very nicely into the landscape. I know there is a waste problem but personally I would rather have to deal with that than the belching emissions of coal fired power...just me! Anyway, if you are of a mind to take a look at where I was then here is the normal map. The coastline there is just beautiful and all the wildlife seemed to have a rather healthy glow!

OK guys it's that Photobloggies time of year, there are categories to excite all of you. Today is your last day....there is no more time. If you haven't done it then do...go on...leave here now go there!

Listening to: "The Thrill of it All" (Country Life) - Roxy Music

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