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Water Brings Life On Sedgemoor, Somerset.
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Water Brings Life On Sedgemoor, Somerset.

13-02-2007 · Comments (22)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400VC  

0715: Woke with a start....something told me it was time to get up. A moment of panic then slipped back to sleep.
0815: Now 1 hour after I should have got up so stomach now rumbling. Considered getting up but slipped off so easily.
0915: Now way late the the noise from my stomach has woken me but there doesn't seem to be anyone in the house to cook breakfast for me.
0930: Now into day time TV mode, not really sure what to do, I have considered bathing but have decided to leave it until I am likely to meet someone!
1030: The cat seems to be indifferent to the food I am supplying him. I have tried to have a heart to heart but frankly he seems indifferent to my words.
1031: Kicked the cat out to teach him a lesson. There is only one boss in this house and it needs to change, it needs to be me!
1230: Quick scout around the house...dishes washed and stacked, hoovering done, bed made, needless clutter made to look more tidy.
1231: I need the house to look as if I have been working for hours....I'm a guy I'm bound to be found out...now worried!
1345: Bathed and seem presentable.....off for walk into town fully aware that by the time I get there it will be time to return....the perfect use of time!
1645: 8 miles walked now back home....supper on the agenda now.....feel like my brain is dead. Now realise I need to work on my routine.
1745: Drinks
1900: Cooked supper....full...replete and content. Ah the life of a house husband!

Today's shot is another from my recent visit to the Somerset Levels. An amazingly flat place that seems prone to flood at the merest hint of rain. Still it is home to a host of wildlife. For those of you fancying a scan about the landscape here is a map showing you where the photograph was taken on Sedgemoor.

OK guys it's that Photobloggies time of year, there are categories to excite all of you. It doesn't matter who you vote for but vote! I'm not sure if it's the law but if it's not it should be. So get voting. Don't delay just do it today! you have until 15th February, the clock is a ticking!

Listening to: "Between Days" (Old Ramon) - Red House Painters

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