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In Sight Of River, Canal, Rail and Road. Warleigh, Bath
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In Sight Of River, Canal, Rail and Road. Warleigh, Bath

09-02-2007 · Comments (18)
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I guess you'd be disappointed if I was disappointed and I didn't go on about it....so OK. Well, the snow arrived pretty much as forecast, I got up at about 7 to find quite a healthy covering of snow and it was still falling. I have to say I was very excited and there was enough of it to delay my trip to work. Any way I duly went to work and the world was a prettier place so calm and quiet. I love the way that snow quietens everything down...kinda muffles the sound...no sooner had I arrived the bloody rain arrived and the snow started to melt. By about midday it was gone.....gutted! So disappointing, I had great plans for my lunch break....so stayed in and surfed the net....god I hate the weather in this country, so consistently inconsistent.

So I have one day left at work....such an odd feeling even when you have seen it coming for such a long time. I'm sure it won't really hit home until Monday when I get up....switch on day time TV...and refuse to bathe! I think that there are other things planned for me. Jan works shifts and there have already been orders issued to not get under her feet and spoil her routine....as if! All I need is a DSL connection a bunch of cameras some film and an income....bugger I hadn't thought of the last one! I'm sure that I will be able to redeem myself by cleaning, cooking, shopping......and a host of other things that will become apparent very soon. I have done the house husbandry before and I must say enjoyed it then. I only have to last 10 days then I get to bugger off to Crete for 2 weeks and take some pretty pictures.

OK guys it's that Photobloggies time of year, there are categories to excite all of you. It doesn't matter who you vote for but vote! I'm not sure if it's the law but if it's not it should be. So get voting. Don't delay just do it today! you have until 15th February, the clock is a ticking!

Another shot of this little gem of a building that we discovered out on a walk last week. Not sure what it's original use was but seemed to be being used for an animal shelter when I found it. It was in the most beautiful location right at the bottom of a severely steep grass hill which made it almost invisible and right by the river Avon. Perhaps this could be the long lost shed I yearn for....on a rather grand scale but fantastic I think you'll agree! It also has a wonderful view across the valley to the American Museum and within your view a river, canal, railway and road. Perfect planning. Anyway, here's a little map for you so that you can visit as well if you wish, and back there I have also included a link to the American Museum, a fascinating place and well worth a visit if you find yourself in Bath...failing that you'll have to make do with your virtual visit!

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