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In Memory Of Sarah, Beloved Wife....Bath, Somerset.
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In Memory Of Sarah, Beloved Wife....Bath, Somerset.

07-02-2007 · Comments (27)
Categories: Fuji Pro 400H  Hasselblad SWC/M  

SNOW! Yes they have intimated that we may have snow. Over the next few days there will be moderate falls.....now for all you guys in the states this will be but a sprinkling for you but for us it's white and that's enough. I'm so excited! Where we live the last substantial fall was in 1981! Yes 1981! I was so young and pretty then with the rest of my life ahead of me....what the fuck happened? We did have some major snow that year. Now prior to that the last year I can remember when we had snow to die for was 1963....yes you heard right, now do you understand why we go on about the weather.....here I am waxing lyrical about bloody 1963 I was 5. You would have thought the first time I had sex, the birth of my son, my marriage, the fall of the Berlin wall would all be uppermost in my mind but no...I'm English so it's weather and it's 1963 weather. But hey, it was so deep I can remember being able to dig tunnels.....I'll tell you something, the next time it's like that I'm digging tunnels again. I'm figuring it will be the last time before I die.

OK guys it's that Photobloggies time of year, there are categories to excite all of you. It doesn't matter who you vote for but vote! I'm not sure if it's the law but if it's not it should be. So get voting. Don't delay just do it today! you have until 15th February, the clock is a ticking!

Today's photo was taken in another cemetery in the centre of Bath. Typical Victorian cemetery in layout but they all seem to have an element of sadness about them these days. I think it is the new trend to push over grave stones. Now these are official pushovers. All based around health and safety, a load of old wank if you ask me. So you have council employees who wander around these places looking for headstones that MAY be a danger and the push them over....I guess to stop litigation if someone should get trapped under one. Of course this is happening all the bloody time. I'm constantly picking up the newspaper to read about another tombstone fatality. I mean it was only yesterday that the latest grave stone incident was reported. How many more of our children will be consumed by these graves before the authorities take notice! Anyway, all bloody graveyards now look as if some tombstone freak has been running through toppling them willy nilly! So, if you want to know where this particular cemetery is I have provided map.

Listening to: "Baby In Two" (Yours, Mine & Ours) - The Pernice Brothers

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