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Passing Storm Moves Towards West Littleton, Gloucestershire
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Passing Storm Moves Towards West Littleton, Gloucestershire

06-02-2007 · Comments (18)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400  

Monday and my last week at work. I didn't mention it last week but there was a faint hope that I might keep my job. I won't bore you with the details but it kind of entailed me taking unpaid holiday then returning. I was happy with it but it would appear that the coffers are so empty that even that isn't possible. So today with 5 days left at least I know for sure...I'm out of here on Friday. Sad but almost a relief to know 100%. So positive thoughts and look forward. I had another free trip on the bus today, I was a little worried what with my new haircut and all that I might appear cuter to the bus driver and that he might suddenly start asking for payment of types for all these free journeys. Thankfully he seemed content for a little football chat and a discussion about what the weather might do later in the week....I'm a little worried though that he might be grooming me.

OK guys it's that Photobloggies time of year, there are categories to excite all of you. It doesn't matter who you vote for but vote! I'm not sure if it's the law but if it's not it should be. So get voting. Don't delay just do it today! you have until 15th February, the clock is a ticking!

Today's shot is taken very close to Dyrham Park. Dyrham Park is a beautiful Baroque country house put together by William Blathwayt, who was closely associated with King William III and served as his Secretary of State from 1698 until 1704. As a result of Blathwayt’s royal connections, and his influential uncle, Thomas Povey, Dyrham became a showcase for taste in Dutch decorative arts. The collection includes delftware, paintings, and furniture; later 18th century additions include furniture by Gillows and Linnell. The interiors have remained little altered since decorated by Blathwayt. The Blathwayt family lived at the House until 1956, when The National Trust acquired it. For those of you interested in the location of Dyrham Park and where this shot was taken here is map.

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