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Parked Up, Hoping to Be Pumped Up In Kavousi (Καβούσι, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Parked Up, Hoping to Be Pumped Up In Kavousi (Καβούσι, Κρήτη) Crete.

03-02-2007 · Comments (16)
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The weekend is upon us and the weather is set fair in the south west. I need to get me a haircut in the morning....god every time I go there I get flash backs to when I was a kid. I remember going to barber shop and having to sit on a plank of sorts across the arms of the chair in order that the barber could reach me. He used to scare the shit out of me...pulling my head one way and then the other. After the dentist he was always next on my list of people to hurt! These days I find myself in some unisex place where they seem more concerned about the softness of the towels and having music playing than my hair. Now if I needed American nail extensions, piercings in most places or a wax......oh god a wax! They would sort me no problem. I'm not a hairy guy (are you glad that I'm sharing this with you!) so I get no sales pitch with waxing and in any case what is it with body hair...I have head hair but grow a beard or chest hair...not a chance! Yet all the guys with chest hair, back hair, back of hand hair....you can see where this is going right....they seem to lack the rug on head. Someone out there must have the answer.

Enough of that follicle frolicking, have a great weekend and promise me one thing...wherever you go it will be with a camera that has real film in it. (OK the last comment was written at 1am...I'll leave it in for your amusement...you know what I mean, SHOOT FILM!)

OK guys it's that Photobloggies time of year, there are categories to excite all of you. If you dig me and vote I'll dig you....if not no worries just vote for someone. It will mean so much to so many so get voting, the clock is a ticking!

I have returned tonight to my beloved Crete for a photo because I am always happy when there, and I will be there in a few weeks when I finish work.Spring is a beautiful time of year and hopefully there will be some warm sun and the island awash with spring flowers. Maps of this part of the world online aren't as good as those of the UK but I have tried my best for you, so for those of you with an interest here is a map of Crete with a vague indication of the location of Kavousi.

Listening to: "I Made A Lover's Prayer" (Soul Journey) - Gillian Welch

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